King Antonio waives to the crowd at the 2015 Texas Cavaliers Parade. Photo by Matthew Hiebel.
King Antonio XCIII Mark Johnson Jr. waves to the crowd during the 2015 Texas Cavaliers Parade. Photo by Matthew Hiebel.

People come from all over the world to converge on the San Antonio River Walk for the Texas Cavaliers River Parade and Monday night was no exception. The parade is unique to San Antonio and a great addition to more than 120 years of Fiesta celebrations.

The San Antonio tradition of watching barges float by with colorful flowers and decorations dates back to 1941. A group of Texas Cavaliers, a social club and charitable organization, saw the “floating gardens” of Mexico City. They were so inspired by the decorative barges that the Cavaliers began to include the tradition in San Antonio’s Fiesta events. The proceeds from this event go to support local children’s charities belonging to the Texas Cavaliers Charitable Foundation.

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Matt Hiebel is a freelance photographer living Schertz, Texas.

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