Woody Harrelson and Bill Maher during a recent trip to Hawaii via Maher's Official Facebook Page.
Woody Harrelson and Bill Maher during a recent trip to Hawaii via Maher's Official Facebook Page.

Comedian and television host Bill Maher, known for his mix of satire and political commentary, will return to San Antonio to perform at the Laurie Auditorium on April 12 at 8 p.m. The show will surely sellout but The Rivard Report has you covered. We have a pair of tickets to give away to one of our lucky readers. All you have to do is comment on this post with a caption of the photo above (of Woody Harrelson and Bill Maher during a recent trip to Hawaii via Maher’s official Facebook page) and your name will be entered into a drawing to see Bill Maher in San Antonio.

The contest begins now and will end tomorrow at 5 p.m. The winner will be announced soon after. Please provide your email address in the appropriate field (it will not be visible to anyone but us) so we can contact you if you win. Good luck!

Tickets are available through ARTS San Antonio, ranging from $50 to $60 – premium/orchestra level has already sold out.

Editor’s Note: Video below contains politically and religiously sensitive material which might be NSFW (Not Safe For Work) – depending on your work.

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14 replies on “Caption This Photo, Win Tickets to See Bill Maher in San Antonio”

  1. True detective season 2 will be a lot more mellow...the yellow king is a bag a funyuns

  2. “I'm not easy to get along with...and I'm sensing you're a bit of a b*tch.” - Tallahassee

  3. [Next stop, San Antonio, Tx-the longhorn state. “My dad Charles Harrelson was a hit man and ‘supposedly' shot & murdered a federal judge at Chateu Dijon in Alamo Heights in 1979. Darn Woody, just smile and do the horn thing and hopefully they've forgotten.”]

  4. Woody & Bill singing “Green, green, the grass is green on the far side of the hill...”

  5. This is probably won’t get printed:

    New rule,

    San Antonio needs to stop giving people booze during Fiesta. DUIs ruin the party and it’s no fun when your safest option, marijuana, along with throwing beads can get you arrested. Maybe instead of looking for a birth certificate we should be looking for that moped that crashed. Be Calm and Hang Loose SA I'll be there soon.

  6. Bill and Woody taking a much needed break from their quest to find Obama's birth certificate in Hawaii...

  7. Got high with Woody and Bill expecting White Castle and Pink Floyd. Got kale chips and Monsanto rants instead. #WorstHighEver

  8. Woody..Help me finish this I can't take it with me. Next stop is the Alamo, Did you know ..... Forgot was I was gonna say..... but damn that roasted pig looks goooood !!!

  9. (Out of the sides of their mouths to each other)...

    Maher: “I hope they don't arrest us while we're down in Texas.”

    Woody: “Here. I'll do the Roadrunner thing with my hand. Just keep smiling and look confident.”

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